Saturday, February 9, 2013

Train Shelf

Wow, has it really been since August that I last posted?! Here's my latest craftiness. A train shelf for Hoot. The older boys loved trains, but have really moved on to other things. Hoot is getting to the age when he's beginning to take interest in Thomas and Co., and I'm so excited to introduce him to the world of trains. We have an insane about of trains, train tracks and track building components. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we have at least 200 trains. Some were bought, others gifts, and still more were passed along from friends.

We did some redecorating downstairs in the family room, and decided to move the giant train table to Hoot's room. We purchased a taller, smaller table for the older boys to use in the family room from IKEA (the SANSAD).

Any way, I've wanted to mount a train display on his wall, but two walls of his room are slanted (gotta love capes!), and the other two don't have space. I had an 8ft piece of lattice stripping and glued lengths of train track to it. I left enough room to glue a "stop" and "railroad crossing" sign to either end as bumpers. I mounted it to the wall using brackets placed ~18 inches apart. I put it high enough so he can't reach it... yet. Right now it's a nice display with the trains arranged in a rainbow pattern. Hoot enjoys looking at it. And we have plenty of trains to play with, until he figures out how to get them down.