Saturday, August 25, 2012

SonQuest Rainforest VBS -2012

This was my third year to help with crafts at VBS, and it was our best yet! It didn't hurt that we had a such a great theme: the Rainforest! Here's a list of the fun and inexpensive crafts we did this year. I tried these projects out on Monkey and Tater, and they were able to do them. So, I can recommend these for 4 and up, younger with a little help and supervision. Our VBS was K-6. Photos will be added shortly...

1. Rainforest/Jungle Noodle Necklace. Found the idea here, but I used craft foam leaves instead of card stock. Planned them for the kindergarteners, but even the teen helpers wanted to make them. Find instructions for dying noodles here. I used hemp to string the necklaces. Hemp's a natural material that's renewable and cheap!

2. Paper Bag Monkey. Print out here. Color, cut and glue monkey features on a regular brown paper bag. These were lots of fun for K-2nd graders.

3. Paper Tree Frog. I ended up just making these for decorations. We really didn't have time (20 minutes) to color, cut and paste a craft like this together at VBS. But my boys did this craft and drew a tree on some construction paper and glued their frogs to it. This requires some developed fine motor skills, or not, depending on your expectations. Have tape ready for repairs. Lots more printable paper crafts can be found at, including this adorable jaguar/tiger cub craft. Love the googly eyes! It's another rainforest craft that we didn't have time for at VBS, but the boys enjoyed doing a few.

4. Rainsticks. Save those paper towel tubes! These were a huge hit with the older kids. has a bunch of other craft ideas too.

5. Binoculars. A great idea for younger ones. I used colorful duct tape to put toilet paper tubes together beforehand and punched holes in them for the string. The kids added yarn to hang them from their necks and jungle stickers for decoration.

Pipecleaner Monkey Craft6. Pipe Cleaner Monkeys. I made these as thank you gifts for our teen helpers. I printed out Bible verses on green card stock, cut them out in the shapes of leaves, punched a hole in each and hung one from each monkey's arm. I'd recommend doing this with older kids (8 +) and allow for lots of time. Find other fun crafts at

7. Toucan Craft. This was by far the most popular craft, and it can be modified for any age.  For instance, I used construction paper strips and cut out the beak and head for the younger ones. The older kids used tissue paper and did most of the cutting themselves. I cut out some stuff to save time. I used fruit loops for the eyes.

Week 4 Jungle Toucan Craft
Check out my Rainforest VBS pinterest board for more fun rainforest/jungle ideas. And please remember, if you're planning on making jungle-themed animal crafts (and I hope you will!), lions do not live in the jungle. :)

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