Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bubble painting

We did this a while back, but I've just gotten around to posting it. This is a great activity for the summer, too. Super easy. Below are some of the boys' work...

Be sure to cover your work surface with a waterproof tablecloth. This will stain.

Dish soap 
Disposable cups
Paint in various colors (we mixed acrylic and washable, the washable color isn't as intense)

Mix the soap, water and paint in cups, as many colors as you like. Experiment with proportions until you get the consistency you like. Put a straw in the cup and blow gently until bubbles form on top of the cup.  Make sure the kids know not to suck in. I'm sure it wouldn't taste very good. 

Have paper ready and lay the paper on top of the bubbles. The bubbles will burst leaving bubble outlines on the paper. Repeat as often as you like. An overall effect is the most desirable.

Here Monkey demonstrates blowing bubbles - a little more exuberantly than necessary, but making a mess is part of the fun!

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