Sunday, November 13, 2011

Craft projects for Baby Hoot's room

Despite my best efforts, the nursery wasn't completely done before Baby Hoot arrived. But I did manage to finish a couple of projects. Once I get the rest done, I'll post photos.
As I posted earlier, I'm using an owl print for my inspiration. Most of the bedding and decor from the boys' nurseries is blue, green and yellow, so this was a perfect fit.

Paper lanterns are a very popular and very cheap alternative to mobiles. I think I spent a couple of bucks on them.

Owl mobile. I had some felt left over from my felt owls, so I decided to try an owl mobile. I created a very simple template and cut out two pieces per owl and glued them together. I thought about putting some batting in them, but opted not to. I machined stitched them together, but I might have done a neater job with a blanket stitch. I had the google eyes an glued them on, along with a circle cut from cream felt. I had a wooden dowel I cut in half and tied together with some ribbon. I added felt to the ends of each rod so that the monofilament I used to hang the owls didn't slip off. I hung it from the ceiling with some thin cream ribbon.

Owl painting. Continuing my owl theme, I painted three "night owls" in acrylic on canvas. The owls represent my three boys. The stylized owls give a modern and playful feel without being too babyish.

Baby Hoot is here!

Here's a photo of our newest addition. It's been three weeks and we are all enjoying getting to know him, especially his big brothers.