Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where have I been??

It's September, and I've neglected my blog for months! Turns out getting ready for a baby cuts into your blogging time! Well, I've been very busy painting, planning, prepping and, of course, crafting. But before I get to all the big changes at home, I wanted to show you some kids crafts.

Thanks to my impeccable conception planning, baby Hoot is due to arrive three weeks after Tater's birthday and two weeks before Monkey's. We've spent the last couple of months moving the boys to new, separate rooms and renovating our garage, and the idea of planning a kid birthday party for them seemed a bit overwhelming. Oh, and then there's the whole I'm-totally-exhausted-because-I'm-pregnant thing. So, we decided that we'd celebrate the boys' birthdays before Hoot arrives by doing a fun, but simple and affordable trip with our family to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The boys were totally cool with it. It takes most of the day to get through the exhibits and catch the dolphin show. And we haven't taken the boys there in a couple of years. They don't even remember going. After our visit, we'll head back home for pizza, cake, ice cream and presents.

So, I've decided to do some ocean-themed crafts with them to get ready for our family day. I had some left-over crafts from VBS this year. The theme was Son Surf, so crafts were inspired by the beach and sea life.

1. Sea Life Visors: Tater made his at VBS, and Luke got to make one when we did the same craft with our play group at church recently. The one above is my example. I bought a bunch of blue foam visors, and attached precut blue craft foam waves with hot glue. Then, I gave the kids a bunch of cross and sea life foam stickers to decorate it. This was a great project for the 3-5 age group. And they might be coerced into wearing them to the aquarium.

2. Sea Stars: Another craft foam craft. I purchased precut stars in a variety of colors, along with some clear plastic lace. I made a loop and glued some lacing to the top of a star and added 5 longer pieces to the bottom. I then glued a star of the same color on top of the other one, sandwiching the lacing between them. I dotted the glue on one side of the star and let the boys add sequins. They added pony beads and bells to the longer strings. I had to help them tie the ends.

3. Rainbow Fish: This is a pre-K/K craft staple and super easy to make. First, take the indispensable paper plate and staple/tape a fin, head and tail out of construction paper to it. Next, cut out pieces of tissue paper, construction paper and a few piece of foil that will be "scales." Add glue to the plate and let the kids add as many colorful scales as they would like. Oh, and don't forget googley eyes if you've got them. Tater's is blue. Monkey's is green.


ElisabethCS said...

I've missed blogging. Family and home comes first, which means my little selfish hobby comes last or most of the time, not at all:)

Greg LOVED making that visor at play group. Thank you again for doing that craft!

The Happy Yoga Mom

Karen Luttrell said...

I know what you mean! I'm glad Gred enjoyed the craft. Hopefully, we'll be able to do more!