Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On The Rocks

They say you forget about how much pain you went through during childbirth. Not true for me. I remember all 40 hours with Tater. I also remember how hot I was being pregnant during the summer. You'd think I'd learn the first two times, but here I am again, spending my third trimester in the heat of the summer. Well, I decided one way to keep cool, at least psychologically, is to think of cold things. So, I made some necklaces that reminded my of ice, snow and frost. The first is a combination of flat teal-colored glass with frosted silver beads.

The other necklace is made of large white quartz beads with clear beads covered with a wire frame. At first I made the quartz necklace with about a dozen of the large beads. After wearing it for a few hours, it became so heavy my neck started to ache. So, I took it apart and made it a little lighter. I like it better and have been able to make more necklaces with the rest of the beads.

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