Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. These are from my Endless Summer hydrangea. It turned out pretty well this year, even though the peony plant next to it only managed to produce one bloom. It was a glorious bloom, but I've decided I'll just need to move it to a sunnier spot in the fall. Last year, my hydrangea was a little purple-y, so I added a few pots worth of coffee grounds to the bush back in the spring. From what I understand, alkaline soil makes them pink, while acidic soil turns them blue. And what's more acidic than coffee? Well, the experiment worked and I got some beautiful blue blooms. I couldn't take a decent photo of them indoors, so I set them on a table on the front porch. I'm sure my neighbors think I nuts (as if they didn't already). I've managed to have several bouquets of blue hydrangeas thus far this season. Few things make me so happy as fresh cut flowers in the house.

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