Thursday, June 10, 2010

Potty Power: Part 2

So, Monkey's getting around the potty-training age, so I dug up the potty chart I used for Tater. See here for more info. I had all kinds of frustration trying to train him, but this really worked. I'm not as stressed about Monkey getting it. I got way too wound up in the fact that other kids were potty trained, and Tater wasn't. I needed to just take a chill pill, because it's perfectly normal for some kids to take a little longer. In retrospect, I think I felt my inability to potty train him reflected poorly on me as a mother - as if I needed something else to feel inferior about! Tater got the potty thing by 3 1/2, thanks to this chart. Monkey's only 2 1/2, so I know he'll take an interest in it when he's ready.

I think a lot of the hesitancy with Tater was his need to assert his independence and control over the situation. I've no doubt Monkey will be just as strong-willed and assertive. I'm ready this time. I added some things to the new chart. Here's the updated version. Click on the image for the full size:

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