Monday, April 12, 2010

Taggie Blanket

A dear friend just had her second child, so I decided to make him a little taggie blanket. I had about a yard of black watch tartan fabric that I had purchased a while back for some reason. I guess I just liked it. Being a child of the 80's, I've got a thing for plaid. Being Scot-Irish helps too, I suppose.

I cut a 22" square piece of fabric (pre-washed, of course). I cut 4 inch strips of ribbon. I folded them in half and pinned them to the fabric. I lined the raw edges of the ribbon up with the raw edge of the fabric, loops toward the center. I stitched all around the edge about 3/8" to secure the ribbon.

I cut out a wonderfully soft minky dot fabric 22" square. With right sides together, I sewed around the edge using a 1/2" stitch. This hides the ribbon stitches. I left about a three inch gap to turn it inside out. I pressed the edge so the fabrics lined up nice, then stitched around the it again with a 1/4" stitch. The finished blanket is about 21 inches square. I also made a matching burp cloth using the same technique.

I hope baby A enjoys it. My boys loved tags. I even made one for Monkey.

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