Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recycled Fire Truck

A few days back it was raining. We had picked up Tater from preschool, and I was racking my brain trying to come up with an activity to help pass the afternoon. Monkey has been crazy for fire trucks lately, so I decided we should try our hands at building one.

I came across this website a few weeks ago and was really impressed with the things she does with her kids. It did make me feel like an underachiever, but the blogosphere tends to do that. At least it's not Facebook, a perpetual high school reunion that doesn't serve alcohol. I've never made my kids a giant space ship out of foil and boxes. I don't make my own play-doh. If that makes me less than a terrific mom, so be it. I decided not to be too hard on myself, because I've embraced the fact that crafting with kids will be yet another thing someone else does better than me.

I gathered some boxes and went through the recycling bin. I assembled paint and brushes. I told the boys to get to work. I knew they'd get paint all over the floor, but it was due for a cleaning. We painted a packing box and shoe box, and I glued them together with my glue gun. We painted small plates for wheels, a steering wheel and headlights that I glued on. And I hot-glued various gizmos on one side and added a ladder made from craft foam to the other.

We had a couple of larger boxes that served as the fire station. I swear Monkey spent 30 minutes moving the fire truck in and out of those boxes. Tater observed that any decent fire station had an ambulance. So he set to working painting another moving box, but he puttered out by the time he got to the third side. Our fire truck lasted about 2 days before they started ripping things off. A day and a half longer than I thought it would.

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