Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Remember when Easter was a simple holiday? My family would get dressed up for Easter Sunday. In the afternoon we'd have an egg hunt in the backyard.

This year the boys went to at least 4 egg hunts. We didn't even get around to the crafts I planned for them with all the activities. I guess that's okay, since they'd rather run around than do a craft anyway. But every holiday has become more over-produced. I think my mom thinks I'm nuts with all the activities and events the boys participate in. Maybe she's right. But I mean well. I don't want the boys to miss anything. I want them to have a variety of experiences.

We got the important stuff right. During lunch, Tater gave us the preschool version of Christ's resurrection. Unprompted, I must say. Immediately following, Monkey began singing "Jesus Loves Me." I don't think you can ask much more than that.

Afterwards, I gave them their Easter pails. I decided big pails were more practical than baskets with all the digging they like to do. I added some sand toys since they really enjoyed a recent trip to Chesapeake Beach. I threw in some candy-filled eggs and a pinwheel. We covered all the bases. Now, on to the next holiday...

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