Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monk's Bag

I found a great tutorial over at the Purl Bee on making a monk's bag. This seemed simple enough, and I've had an upholstery weight fabric I've been wanting to make into a bag. I'm not a great sewer, though I think I'm improving with each subsequent project. I made Halloween candy totes for the boys, but this was my first real bag.

I'm on my second OiOi diaper bag. I really like it, but the strap has started to tear away from the fabric, again. It's also pretty bulky. It has a nice wide strap, but it can get uncomfortable. Tote bags roll off my shoulder, so I needed something I could wear like a sling to keep my hands free. I found some functional options, but they all had a hiker look. I wanted something that was casual, but not utilitarian.

I widened the center panel about 4 inches and extended the strap 4 inches in length. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I added pockets to the outside and inside. Must have pockets! I used a plain muslin for the lining. The outside pockets are nice for keys, cell phone, lotion, etc. The inside provides plenty of space for the boys' essentials and my wallet and planner.


Maureen said...

I love your monk bag! Did you add more inches on the center panel? It means 9 inches plus 4 inches you add is 13 inches.
Also, you add more 4 inches to the handle is 38 inches length. Are these correct? Let me know.
My name is Maureen

angelina said...

dude that fabric is striking. dontcha love the monk bag. i'm making my second now.. actually wondering if i can sell them.?.
great idea with your outside pockets.

Karen Luttrell said...

Hey Maureen,

I need to set up my account to get notified about comments! Sorry to respond so late! Yes, your measurements are correct, but after wearing it for a while, the strap could be a little shorter, maybe a couple of inches, and still be very comfortable.

Karen Luttrell said...


I didn't notice a copyright/patent on the pattern I linked, but so be my guest. I'd have no idea what they would sell for, though.