Friday, March 5, 2010

I went to the craft store for a rotary cutter...

...and I got these foam firefighter hats, too. We've gone through a couple of the flimsy plastic firefighter hats, and these look like they'll hold up a little longer. I picked up a firefighter vest for Tater, since Monkey had a jacket from Halloween. The boys love pretend play, but I think I love watching them play more. Firefighters, construction workers, engineers, race car drivers, pirates - it's just too cool to see how easily they can take themselves into a different world.

That's what art-making and craft-making do for me. They take me to my right-sided brain to recharge and dream. A few bucks on a couple of hats can do the trick for them. Their enthusiasm and imaginations encourage me to always seek news ways of seeing and exploring... and, of course, appreciate the endless potential of cardboard boxes.

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