Thursday, February 25, 2010

Countertop Education

At a recent moms club meeting, we had an educator speak to the group about preparing your child for preschool. One thing she said really stuck with me, "School is your back-up plan." She meant that children get their real education at home. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we teach our kids every day. So, I decided to be more proactive about teaching my kids. I know I fail miserably at a lot of things, but I think I scored a point this morning...

I decided that I'd start putting out fruit in a bowl on the counter. I've had a losing battle with weight all my life. Though I work out at the gym, I have a serious challenge with portion control. And carbs, especially sweet carbs are my downfall. My mom told me once that I'd eat chicken potty if it had sugar sprinkled on it. Since I am so visual, I thought putting a bowl of fruit out would encourage me to choose healthy snacks and model that example for my boys.

After getting them dressed, I sent the boys downstairs to play while I got ready. When I came down to make breakfast, they were each munching on their own crunchy gala. I about fell over dead. So, I'm hoping that I'll find other ways to teach my kids with my countertop.

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The Stiffs said...

Good for you! Wish it worked like that for Hanan. Believe me, I've tried. I don't know how the child can eat like does and stay so tiny.