Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A friend and I spent a wonderful afternoon shopping in Ellicott City, Maryland recently. We went to all these charming little shops that I would never dream of walking into with my boys. Think bulls in a china shop. At one store I spotted a flower that I have had a crush on since I saw them in bloom three years ago at Brookland Gardens: the allium. I only bought one bulb and it was a giant varietal. I planted it near my grape hyacinths and siberian irises. I'm confident it will look stunning with the other purple flowers. There are few color combos that appeal to me more than purple, green and yellow-green. Now, if I can only keep the rabbits from eating it. Those darn things ate all my tulips bulbs, but Chili killed a whole litter of bunnies. It was gruesome, but I was proud that my lap dog still had the stuff.

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