Wednesday, December 9, 2009

25 Days of Crafts! Day 9: Pinecone Ornaments

I took the boys over to a local church, and we raided the grounds for pinecones. They had a great time of it. A better mother would have had some prepared lesson plan about conifers, but that ain't me. I told them pinecones are from pine trees. Pine trees drop pinecones, leafy trees drop leaves that have changed color. There, end of the lesson.

I put small screw eyes into the tops before I did anything. It makes them easier to paint and hang. I had grand plans, but I ended up painting the tips white and spraying them with gold floral spray glitter. I tried one with just the gold spray, but didn't like it as much. Yes, I have floral spray glitter in my house. Doesn't everybody? I think it's from some Vacation Bible School set I made long ago. I think they will work really well for the inevitable "holes" in the tree. I hung them with thin white satin ribbon.

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