Sunday, December 13, 2009

25 Days of Crafts! Day 13: Advent Centerpiece

This year, our family is observing Advent by lighting an advent candle each Sunday of the four Sundays before Christmas. I have a little setup on our dining room table. For each Sunday evening, after dinner, we light a candle representing four aspects of Christ's birth: Hope (purple), Joy (purple), Love (pink) and Peace (purple). We talk about what each candle represents and read the account of Christ's birth in Luke. On Christmas Day, we light all four along with a white candle representing the light that Jesus brought to the world. I used tapered candles we had from last year and put together a tree from cupcake stand, green ball ornaments and glass votive.

This Sunday is the pink candle representing Love, which is so appropriate since two people that I love will be celebrating their birthdays on that day. So, Happy Birthday to my sis Ellen and my sweet husband Dan!

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