Saturday, December 12, 2009

25 Days of Crafts! Day 12: Sometimes a pickle is just a pickle...

Do you know the story of the pickle ornament? Legend has it that German parents hang a pickle deep within the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The first child to find the pickle Christmas morning will have good luck for a year and receive an extra gift. Traditionally, the pickle ornaments are glass. But the catch is that German families don't actually observe this tradition. It is apparently a marketing ploy by a German glass ornament manufacturer. Well, I don't think this is the first holiday tradition invented by a clever businessman. That said, if my boys knew that finding a glass pickle ornament meant an extra present, than there wouldn't be much of a pickle or tree left when it was all over. So, I decided to make one out of....craft foam sheets! Cut out a pickle shape out of green foam, a slightly bent log with rounded ends. I put a little curve to my pickles so it wouldn't be so phallic in shape (Freud would've had a field day with this). Punch out circles with a hole punch with the same green for the bumps. Glue those on and punch a hole in the top of the pickle for hanging. The dots really give it a pickle look.

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