Friday, December 11, 2009

25 Days of Crafts! Day 11: Glass Ball Ornaments

These add a wonderful sparkle to the tree. The ornaments to the left and right are clear glass balls I filled with silver and gold tinsel.

The one in middle took a little more effort. To create this, begin by pouring some white glue into an empty clear ball. If you want a more uniform effect, dilute the glue with a little water. Rotate the ball until glue has coated the glass the way you like. Pour out the excess. Next, add some glitter to the ball. Cover the top and roll it all around to coat. Take off the top and set the ball in a plastic cup to dry. Turn the ball periodically so the glitter and glue don't get concentrated in one spot. The glue will dry clear and you will have a lovely glittering ornament. This is a fun activity for kids, but only with careful supervision.

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