Sunday, November 29, 2009

Play kitchen

Over at ohdeedoh, I came across some fab DIY play kitchens. Even though most of the store-bought variety are covered with various shades of pink plastic, I still wanted the boys to enjoy the experience of pretend play in a kitchen. So, I made mine own. We were going to throw out this little table that had doubled as a bedside table in our guest room. It was part of a large desk that had been tossed out years ago. I convinced my husband to repurpose it as a play oven/sink.

I painted black circles on top for the stove eyes. Painted baby food jar lids are used for knobs. The top drawer contains a red bowl the boys use as a sink. When the boys aren't playing with it, it also doubles as small side table in our den. Monkey stashes his favorite birthday gift in the bottom - this really cool food set.

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