Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's not an art gallery. It's my fridge door.

I'm overrun with art projects produced by Tater and Monkey. I've got them up all over the place, including the fridge. I had an idea to turn their artwork into magnets.

When I taught school, we had extra copies of a Scholastic art magazine. I purchased some business card self-adhesive magnets from an office supply store. I cut out images of famous artists' work from the magazines and attached them to the magnets. I put the magnets on the chalkboards and used them to hold examples of projects, student work, etc. I just happened to have a few of those magnets lying around. I did the same thing with one of Tater's mixed media drawings. I'm think about making a few more of these for the grandparents.


Bets said...

man, your kids are much better at coloring than mine.

Ian is in love with the pom pom bugs!

This is a really nice blog. I post recipes to mine too, fairly often.

Karen Luttrell said...

Thanks for commenting, Betsy! What CAN'T you do with pom-poms, really?! Give me some pom-poms, foam sheets and some chenille rods, and I can keep a kid entertained for hours! Me too, actually.