Saturday, August 15, 2009


I came across this the other day in the bottom of a storage ottoman. I made this for Monkey, and he carried it around with him for a while. I decorated their room in Classic Pooh, so this went with the theme. It is my version of a tag blanket. He has always loved cuddling with a blanket. I took some extra fabric and ribbon scraps and put this together. It's a good size at 20 x 20". Big enough to cover him in his car seat, but was small enough to use as a burp cloth in a pinch. I only edged one side in satin ribbon loops, but I think I would have done two sides and spaced them farther apart, if I could change something. It only took about an hour, which is about the longest I can expect to accomplish anything these days. Both sides are a Classic Pooh pattern toile, one side cotton and the other flannel.
It has already been washed a couple of times. He loves it, as you can see. I always take it away after he falls asleep, I'm paranoid about that.

These go for more than I expected. Using things that I already have and making something useful out of them makes me feel so resourceful. Sewing also temporarily placates my creative cravings. I prefer trial and error to following a sewing pattern. I think this is why my more successful pursuits have been rectangular in shape!

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