Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School Crafts

Let's get ready for school...

We had a great turn-out for our monthly craft activity. Since we were approaching the start of a new school year, I decided to make 4 school-themed crafts...

construction paper (red or green)
paper plate
foam sheets for stem and leaves

Tear pieces of paper. Coat paper plate with glue. Cover plate with paper. Add stem and leaf. This is a great project, even for toddlers. I was also thinking of using orange paper for a pumpkin craft. Add curled chenille rods for vines, instead of leaves.

School House
Materials: construction paper, glue, scissors
See here for template. This is a great opportunity to discuss shapes. Some glued the finished school house to a sheet of paper. Encourage your child to draw on the paper and use it as an opportunity talk about going to school or encourage discussion of your child's first day/experience. See above for example.

School Bus
Materials: paint, magazine pictures, glue, egg carton top
This was a big hit. Paint the carton top yellow. If you don't have a top with holes, you can cut out holes if you want, or just cut magazine pictures window-size. You can also use photos of your child and classmates.

Apple Print
Materials: paint, apples, paper
Cut apple in half. Dip in paint. Print away. This might have been easier had I put a popsicle stick in the apple, since little fingers got covered with paint. Use fabric paint to decorate dish towels, canvas bags, etc. You can also use other fruit for a similar activity. See below.

The boys demonstrate apple printing.

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