Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pom-pom Bugs

We did these as a project at camp. The kids were 3rd-6th graders, but I think younger kids would enjoy it as well. It's a quick craft, but some kids aren't inclined to spend more than a few minutes on a project. These make cute gifts or stocking stuffers for friends and family who appreciate hand-made crafts. Use them as a note holder, chip bag clip or fridge magnets.

Various size pom-poms
Google eyes
Pipe cleaners
Glue (I recommend Tacky Glue)
Foam sheets for wings
Magnetic tape

If desired, cut out wings and glue them on first. I use a heart shape for butterfly wings. I cut the heart down the middle for dragonfly wings. Cut pipe cleaners to size and glue on clothespins. Add pom-poms and eyes. Let dry. Stick on magnet tape.

Kids' work

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