Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red Plaid Jumper

This is my latest attempt at sewing. My boys are going through camera fatigue - tired of Mommy sticking a camera in their faces. Their preferred response is to not look at the camera and wiggle as much as possible. Consequently, a flash is usually mandatory unless I want a big blur of a boy. I made this for Monkey out of some plaid remnant fabric my Mom gave me. Its heavier fabric than I would normally use, probably suited for drapery, but I thought it was cute. I've made several of these jumper outfits, but this is my first short-all. I'm pretty happy with it, especially since the pattern is relatively lined up at the center vertical seam. I think I've got enough left to make some shorts for No. 1. Yes, sometimes I dress my boys alike. I've become THAT mother. But they just look so darn cute when they match!

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