Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Train Table

I made this train table for my Thomas-obsessed boys for Christmas. We didn't have that much space, but I wanted something that was big enough that they could both play with it without fighting. After pricing some tables, I decided to make my own. I built a removable table that fit over our oval-shaped coffee table in the den/play room. I glued and screwed 1 x 4's to the back of a piece of masonite. I cut the sheet so that the 1 x 4's formed a frame to fit over the coffee table, keeping the train table from sliding around. I then cut and screwed molding around the sides into the 1 x 4's allowing for about a 1 inch raised edge to keep the trains from running off. I then painted a landscape scene on the smooth-sided top. I'm hoping to also use it as a work surface for coloring, puzzles, etc. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

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