Monday, December 15, 2008

Jumpers for Joy

I bought a sewing machine about 5 years ago for about $100. I used it to make curtains, pillows, nursing covers and baby slings- nothing complicated or from a pattern. I'm bad at following directions. However, I became inspired to sew some coveralls for my youngest son after having gotten so frustrated with buying infant boy clothes for his older brother. Comparatively speaking, there is not nearly as many dressy clothes for little boys, as for little girls. In my opinion, the boy clothes are either very feminine looking or just big boy clothes that are sized for babies. I really love overalls, but #2 is long in the torso, but short in the legs, so he's difficult to buy for. I came across a sale at Jo-Ann's on patterns and picked up 2 for 99 cents each! Since each outfit only requires about a yard of fabric, I got several fabrics for under $20 total. Thankfully, neither pattern includes a lining - just interfacing, so it takes no time - about 5 hours, but that rarely happens in one sitting. Thus far, I've made three outfits. He just turned 1, but I cut it at 2t with a larger seam allowance and took it in where needed. I'm hoping to get another year out of them, buy adding buttons to the straps and leaving enough leg length to let out the hem. I didn't feel like adding snaps at the inside leg seams, since it's just as easy to change a diaper by unbuttoning the straps.

This is one of his "Christmas" coveralls, but he can wear it through the winter.

I love cords and the robin egg blue dots add whimsy.

This is often-worn jumper I made for fall. 

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