Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tissue Paper Sunflowers

My example to the left, Tater's project on the right

A fun project for pre-schoolers and up.


Paper plates
Wood dowels
Yellow tissue paper
Brown tissue paper
School glue

Tear/cut pieces tissue paper and glue to paper plate. For the center, you can wrap brown tissue around pencil eraser and glue down. Or, crumple up tissue and glue on.
Tape a dowel on the back. Make a bouquet of sunflowers. I did this craft in late summer/early autumn, since sunflowers bloom that time of year around here. I also introduced a visual art element by showing the sunflower paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Don't forget to talk about color, texture, scale, etc. You can bring a science component by using actual sunflower seeds for the center, instead of brown paper. Discuss how flowers grow from seeds and that birds feed on the seeds. Have the kids count out strips of paper as a math element to the project.

Tater in the flower garden with the sunflowers

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